Who should attend?
Any healthcare professional including hospital management. We have taught healthcare assistants alongside consultants with equivalent excellent feedback from the same hospital.

A pilot doesn’t look after patients – how can the understand healthcare?
Peter has spent 30-years researching error from a range of safety critical industries, not just aviation. This has been combined with extensive experience of advising on clinical error, and so he has a unique expertise in understanding techniques and principles that can be transferred to healthcare.

Are your courses “one size fits all”?
Not at all. We have core material and principles, which need to be delivered, but we go to great lengths to find exactly what our client wants and work with them to meet their expectations and requirements prior to delivering a course. We will not start a programme for your organisation without this pre-course preparation.

Are you accredited?
Yes. External accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors – with course certification.

We already have a good governance structure – why is this training necessary?
Our courses are designed to sit alongside whatever you may have in place. However, there remains overwhelming evidence that there is too much avoidable error in healthcare. For example, despite excellent and well thought out interventions, such as the WHO surgical checklist, there are still adverse events in theatres. We believe that a contributory factor is a lack of baseline human factors (relevant to healthcare) training. This is what we address through our courses. Our course feedback clearly illustrates the strength of engagement we are seeing from the “shop floor”.